SEPA charges update

Update on SEPA Charging Scheme Consultation(s) – Objective

This information notice is being sent to inform you of the planned changes to the charging scheme review, what they are, why we are doing it and what it will mean to you and your members.

What is Changing?

In 2015 we set out that we would undertake a full review of our new charging scheme in 2020 for implementation in 2021.

Our intention is to review and consult on changes to the charging scheme to coincide with consultations on the proposed changes to the EAS Regs to ensure it is done efficiently both from a stakeholder and SEPA perspective. The new Environmental Authorisation Scotland Regulations (EAS Regs) are being brought in later than originally anticipated and this work will be completed in due course.

Why are you making this change?

The EAS Regs will bring in new ways of regulating and tiers of authorisation, bringing consistency across all media.  This will mean changes in charges and therefore resulting in further consultations. The impact and level of change will depend on the old regulator regimes and the opportunity to use the new regulatory tools under EAS Regs.

We have also been told by you and companies over several years to try and minimise consultations and we aim to do this as far as possible whilst keeping you informed.

In addition SEPA is moving forward with sector working which will give a greater focus on the environmental issues that matter for the sector.

You will have seen from recent consultations the sectors that we have focused on first, this way of working will be expanded over the next few years (link). This is a key part of our one planet prosperity strategy for tackling the 21st century challenges. The EAS Regs are a key component in delivering this strategy as are the sector plans and charging schemes, all of which provide the framework for clear regulation.

When will we get more information on the consultations?

We will keep you informed of any changes as we get a clearer idea of timescales, we expect this to be after March 2019. We value your input in our work and want to make sure we maximise this over the next few years, I have seen significant benefits in working with industry as we have redesigned the charging scheme.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions on this process please phone John Burns on 01738 448 184 or e-mail

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