Environmental Regulation [Scotland] Charging Scheme 2018

Environmental Regulation [Scotland] Charging Scheme 2018

SEPA has published a summary and analysis of the consultation on their website,


The full details on the levels of charges will not be published until the 2nd of April, though the BHA can confirm the following in this summary –

Schemes from 0.1 – 0.5MW will have a single annual charge of £200

Schemes from 0.5 – 2MW will be charged based on an abstraction formula of 50% of the winter permitted abstraction and 25% of the summer permitted abstraction using the charging calculations issued during the consultation.

All charges will be phased in over three years on the following basis – 33.3%, 66.6%, 100%.

There will be a further review of the work that SEPA have put into hydro and therefore the resultant charging.  This review will include representatives from the hydro industry and in particular generators.

SEPA have confirmed that these charges will come into effect on the 1st of April and they will not be making further amendments at this time.


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