Tidetec AS

Tidetec AS
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Contractor, Developer/Owner, Electricity Generator, Equipment Supplier
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Tidetec optimized 2-way hydropower

Projected, next-generation tidal lagoon power plants with two-way production have sub-optimal production.

Tidetec technology improves efficiency by >20% of the most cost effective tidal turbine technology by obtaining optimal efficiency both ways. This is achieved by integrating the turbine into a rotating turret. The turning mechanism is patented, and has received international recognition.

The technology enables optimal turbine function in all 4 quadrants (generation and pumping) with bi-directional flow. Tidetec’s technology consists of three main technology components; The turret with a turning mechanism, turbine and caisson. Tidetec’s core competence lies in the integration of these components. Tidetec has developed own 0-d code for annual energy production estimation and production optimization based on their own Hill Chart from Model Turbine.

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Arne Kollandsrud
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Tidetec AS, Munkerudaasen 12d, 1165 Oslo, Norway