BEIS launch consultation on a 12-month FIT extension

BEIS launch consultation on a 12-month FIT extension.

After 3 months of sustained lobbying by the BHA, BEIS have now published their proposals for hydropower installations with initial accreditation deadlines falling on or after 1 October 2020 on the 19 June.

The details are at this link and we encourage all members to respond by the deadline of the 17 July.

BEIS propose to give hydropower projects whose current validity periods end after 30 September a 12-month extension, as the BHA have been requesting of them since mid-March.

This is excellent news for at least BHA 70 member’s schemes which total 39 MW with an associated investment value of £168M.

BEIS are also seeking views on whether the deadlines for projects in scope of the previous emergency SI (i.e. with initial validity periods ending 1 March – 30 September) need to be extended further.

We are very pleased that BEIS have listened carefully our request for this 12-month extension and those affected members can now continue planning their schemes with confidence and in the knowledge they will benefit from the additional 12 months.

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