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Welcome to the British Hydropower Association, the only non-governmental trade membership organisation dedicated to representing the interests of the UK hydropower community.

Hydropower, or water power, is one of the most reliable, predictable and least environmentally intrusive of all the renewable energy technologies and the BHA strives to ensure that the full potential and associated economic and community benefits are fully realised.

Membership of the British Hydropower Association is open to all types of businesses, generators, commercial organisations, academia, charities, community groups anyone involved in, or with an interest in hydropower. Our membership is diverse, covering all sizes and types of hydropower from pico to pumped storage.


The British Hydropower Association (BHA) is the only non-governmental professional trade membership organisation solely representing the interests of the UK hydropower industry and its associated stakeholders at regional, national and global levels. Our vision translates into a number of key aims and objectives.

Our Vision

The Pioneer Of Renewable Energy


Hydropower supports clean development and is recognised as being fully renewable and sustainable.


With a focus on microgeneration and renewed interest in redeveloping many disused mill sites and small off-grid projects, micro-hydropower development in the UK continues to increase in popularity.


Small run-of-river hydropower


Small-scale hydropower (up to 1MW installed capacity) is highly efficient and where suitable sites are available, it remains one of the cheapest forms of renewable electricity.


Hydropower solutions can be more reliable than other renewable options, and with their generating components engineered to last many years, they can be simpler to maintain and service.

Large scale hydropower, run-of-river and storage

Membership Packages

Sponsoring Member

Annual Fee: £7,875 + VAT

Principle Company Member

(>£2M) Annual Fee: £2,780 + VAT

Company Member

(<£2M) Annual Fee: £995 + VAT

Associate Member

Annual Fee: £470 + VAT

Academic Institution/Charity

Annual Fee: £210 + VAT

Private Member

Annual Fee: £105 + VAT

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