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Welcome to the Tidal Range Alliance

The BHA has been involved in the marine energy technology sector helping ensure the association remains relevant and welcoming to these hydro-related technologies, especially tidal range, whilst promoting the differences and synergies with other marine derived energy systems, such as tidal stream and wave.

Because of this the BHA has created a Working Group within the BHA called the Tidal Range Alliance (TRA)

What is the Tidal Range Alliance?

The TRA is a formal Working Group within the BHA, chaired by Henry Dixon, Chairman of North Wales Tidal Energy, bringing together developers, companies, supply chain businesses and individuals involved in or with an interest in tidal range energy projects in the UK and overseas.

Why did the BHA create the Tidal Range Alliance?

The tidal range industry needs a coherent lobbying voice in debate and dialogue with key stakeholders including Government to promote approach, concepts, technology and benefits.

At a time when the UK is facing climate and energy generation and distribution challenges, tidal range provides a strategic solution but needs to continue raising its profile and accelerate project development.

The TRA allows the industry to speak with a coherent, single voice, leveraging the BHA’s network and contacts and to create opportunities to promote the features and benefits of tidal range energy. The existence of the TRA will demonstrate that tidal range encompasses different projects, technologies and benefits and that the approach is more than one company/one project.

The TRA Mission

The TRA will promote the multi-disciplinary features and benefits of tidal range projects to stakeholders across Government, industry and the media.

Join the TRA

Membership of the TRA is open to any individual or business with an involvement or interest in the development of a tidal range industry in the UK. This opportunity is open to existing and new members.

  • Developers
  • Civil engineering contractors and consultancies
  • Turbine manufacturers
  • Academic and Research organisations
  • Supply chain businesses

The TRA’s objectives

The objectives of the TRA are to:

  • Help to instigate development of the UK’s tidal range industry
  • Raise awareness of the range and scale of tidal range projects across the UK
  • Communicate the key features and benefits of tidal range projects
  • Create and respond to media opportunities for tidal range projects
  • Grow and sustain interest in tidal range
  • Support tidal range developers and supplier

The TRA confirms Mission, Objectives and Key Messages

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