VerdErg Renewable Energy Ltd

VerdErg Renewable Energy Ltd
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VerdErg Renewable Energy Ltd
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VerdErg has developed the Venturi Enhanced Turbine Technology (VETT).

VETT produces cost effective hydrodynamic power from head (pressure) differences in fluvial flows that are too low (typically 1-3m) to economically power conventional hydropower turbine-generator equipment. This is achieved by using a proportion of the volumetric flow to increase the pressure difference across the turbine.

Amplifying the pressure difference reduces the size and cost of the entire installation. Compared with the huge slow-moving machinery that would otherwise have been needed at such low driving heads VETT uses small, high speed turbines without gear boxes, requires therefore a smaller civil works footprint, produces no noise and has very low visual impact.

Working with social enterprises, private owners and large corporate project developers, VerdErg is able to provide environmentally considerate hydropower solutions. VETT’s scalable versatile design allows it to operate in low head river environments, which previously may even have been considered unfeasible, up to multi-GW marine and estuarine installations. VETT’s innovative design and environmental credentials lead to VerdErg’s success in winning the 2010 Rushlight Natural Energy Award.

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Lars Boerner
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0203 696 4530
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6 Old London Road