Border Hydro Ltd

Business Name: Border Hydro Ltd
Business Type: Consultants / Contractors
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Border Hydro Ltd works across all sectors tackling all aspect of hydro projects from initial feasibility through to the mechanical and electrical installation and all the other significant steps in-between.åÊ

The company has gained good experience with a varied portfolio of installations roughly half of which are off-grid.åÊåÊ Systems include high-head Pelton and Turgo wheels through to low-head Francis turbines.åÊåÊåÊ

In-house technical expertise can offer clients bespoke and innovative solutions to such logistical problems as transmitting power over long distances or integrating hydro with other renewable technologies, these being just a couple of examples.

Border Hydro Ltd also supply turbines, batteries, PMG generators, G59 panels – check the website.

Business Contact: Miles Postelthwaite
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Business Phone Number: 01900 85616
Business Fax: 01900 85958
Business Address: Armaside Farm
Postcode: CA13 9TL