Local Ownership, Scotland

Scottish Government published its target of 1GW of community and locally-owned renewable energy by 2020. There has been significant progress, with 666MW of local ownership, but more to go. Scottish Government has demonstrated its support for hydropower, as is evidenced by the announcement of rates relief scheme on the 1st of April and a Fast Track review of the present law governing rating valuation of plant and machinery for hydropower schemes in Scotland, through the Tretton review group.

Local Energy Scotland is now putting out a call to the hydropower industry to identify potential hydro project developments that could be taken into wholly-owned local ownership, or through a shared ownership arrangement. Local Energy Scotland is looking for projects that are in development and are still viable, however have stalled due to a lack of resource, issues with consents, or any other reasons that with additional support from the CARES programme, channelled through local community ownership, may still be able to apply for the Feed-in Tariff, before expected changes to the incentive in 2019. The merits and value of each development will be considered when considering options for local ownership.

If this of any interest, please do contact James Buchan on 07807 167 065, email:  james.buchan@localenergy.scot with details of the project, outlining the site location, capacity, progress on consents (planning, CAR licence), grid connection and land rights.

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